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Modern Basketball Training Focused on IQ Development and Decision-Making


Head Coach Ben Chase

  • 10 Years' Experience as Division 1 Basketball Coach​​

  • Master's Degree in Coaching from Boston University

  • Academic All-America Selection (2008)

  • Professor of Sport Psychology at UNH

For as long as I can remember basketball IQ was considered a fixed asset; something that one was born with and could do relatively little to improve upon. Science has proven this to be false. My journey as a player proved this to me, and my goal as a coach is to expand how we think about athlete development and coaching to bring that positive experience to more young athletes. We can create a better, more holistic sport experience and that results in greater self-efficacy for all involved. At High Perception Hoops our goal is to create the most positive basketball experience our athletes have ever had. We seek to create an environment that is safe, fun and drives more efficient development that transfers from practice to competition. Founding HPH marks the start of a new journey for me, and I couldn't be more excited to see how much all of us can grow from here. 


What's New?


1v1 Meet at the Rim

Finishing Drill Designed to develop cognition and movement solutions in a game-like environment

Basketball Dunk

April/May Newsletter

Updates from our program and what's new with us

Gauntlet Rebounding Drill

New drill we developed to teach boxing out. Instructions at start of video.

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The Anatomy of an Outlier

How to Upset a High-Major during March Madness

First Week Highlights

First week with the new team. Ball movement and spacing are way ahead of schedule. Here are some highlights from our last practice:

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Re-Thinking the Club Basketball Model

5 Ideas for how we can create a better club basketball experience. All things we intend to implement with our teams this spring.

About us

High Perception Hoops

Who we are:

We are a new kind of basketball training and development organization focused on cognitive development and decision-making. For the longest time, “Basketball IQ” or “feel for the game” was assumed to be an innate, natural ability that separated the best from the rest. We now know we can train the brain to develop these elite skills in athletes looking for that competitive edge. At High Perception Hoops, we design basketball training programs that unlock the power of the mind.

What we do:

We design and run basketball training programs for youth, high school and college basketball players. Our game-based, competitive model is designed to maximize repetition, retention and transfer from practice to competition. We design each workout to the specific needs of the athletes in the session, and our cognition scoring system allows us to track cognitive development throughout the course of our more advanced programs.

How we are different:

We focus on the situations and decisions required for basketball success rather than just the fundamental skills themselves. We believe the best way to develop fundamental skills is by putting athletes in real, transferable situations and guiding them through lots of reps to refine their skills in the most game-like context possible. Our training sessions are highly tailored to the specific athletes involved and are designed to move fast, letting our athletes learn through experience. The result is a fast-paced, FUN basketball experience that develops not only fundamental basketball skills, but an understanding of how and when to use them.