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Summer Programs

Girls HS Summer Training Program

Open to girls in Grades 9-12

On Court:

Monday Nights from 5:15 - 7pm

at Northern Essex CC (Haverhill)

Beach UBall League:

Thursday Mornings (Time TBD)

Salisbury/Seabrook Beach

An extension of our club basketball program, our girls development group is a competitive training program for competitive high school players looking to take their game to the next level. We spend one night a week on-court, and one morning on the beach playing UBall, a 3x3 adaptation of basketball that is played on the beach. We focus on developing skills as well as improving processing speed and court vision in a fast-paced, fun, competitive environment.


Players can expect to:

  • Learn team offensive concepts that will give them a competitive advantage on any team and at any level

  • Compete alongside teammates and friends in a series of engaging, competitive games

  • Test decision-making skills under increasing amounts of pressure

  • Receive high quality, positive and thoughtful feedback

  • Get a great cardio workout to improve basketball conditioning

HPH Basketball Camp

June 20th-23rd

at Cashman Park in Newburyport

Join us for the inaugural HPH Basketball Camp the week of June 20th! Here is the schedule by age group:

Boys HS: 8-10am

Girls HS: 10:15 - 12:15

Boys 3-8: 12:45-2:45

Girls 3-8: 3-5pm

Groups will operate out of our small-sided game practice framework to develop both technical skills and basketball IQ. Registration is open now, click the link below to reserve your spot today!

HPH BBall Camp Save the Date.png

HPH Playmaker Basketball

Summer Sessions:

Groups for:

Boys 3rd & 4th

Girls 3rd & 4th

Boys 5th & 6th

Girls 5th & 6th

Boys 7th & 8th

Girls 7th & 8th

This program involves small group basketball training that focuses on developing technical skills, decision-making and basketball IQ in a game-like setting. This specific program is modified for boys and girls in grades 3 through 8; we adjust the court as necessary (lower the hoops, move in the 3pt line, etc) to allow younger athletes the opportunity to really play the game. We then use our small-sided game-based practice framework to develop technical and decision-making skills at the same time. We focus on shot selection, ball movement, player movement and spacing with a goal of developing the skills needed to play the game and an understanding of how to use those skills in a live game setting.

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