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Guest Coaching

Please message us to inquire about availability

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HPH Guest Coaching

At High Perception Hoops we specialize in 3 things:

Building skills that better transfer from practice to competition

Developing basketball IQ and decision-making skills

Making practices more fun and engaging

Guest Coaching is an avenue through which our HPH coaches come to your training environment and share the unique drills, games, techniques and approaches we have developed with your players and staff. We put together a collection of clinics and practice sessions that we run in conjunction with your coaches. We run the clinics and sessions we attend, but also share the details and set your coaches up to use and adapt them on their own moving forward.

Guest coaching plan structure and content is flexible and can be designed/adjusted to best meet the needs of your organization.

Our Packages:

Silver Package: $2,500

Gold Package: $5,000

Platinum Package: $7,500

Packages are based upon hours of on-court instruction/observation, click here to contact us for more specifics

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