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Summer Camp Dates Set - Register Now!

HPH Basketball Camp

Cashman Park - Newburyport

Week 1 - July 8-11

Week 2 - August 19-22

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About Us

We are a new kind of basketball training and development organization focused on developing basketball IQ and decision-making. Here’s what separates us:

Our players develop a strong understanding of shot selection, spacing, ball movement and player movement concepts

Our model allows developing skills to better transfer from training to competition

Short, focused practice sessions. Committed players will see greater improvement in less time than solo practice or gameplay without feedback

Our coaches have college coaching experience and know what it takes to be successful at the next level

More fun: we train through structured games, not drills, and foster healthy competition

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Here's How We're Different from Other Basketball Organizations:

Philosophy on Learning and Development: High Perception Hoops emphasizes understanding the game's concepts before mastering specific techniques. This approach ensures that young athletes not only learn the mechanics of basketball but also develop a deep understanding of how to apply these skills effectively in games.

Customized Training: The training methods are tailored to fit the physiological characteristics of each athlete, encouraging them to discover movement solutions that are effective for their unique bodies. This individualized approach helps in fostering more personal growth and effectiveness in skill application.

Positive Coaching Environment: The focus on coaching with positivity is designed to build confidence and foster a love for the game. This nurturing environment helps young players develop both their skills and self-esteem in a supportive and encouraging setting.


Dynamic Learning through Play: High Perception Hoops utilizes a game-based learning strategy that makes sessions fun and engaging while also practical and educational. This method encourages active participation and enjoyment, crucial for sustained engagement and improvement in young athletes.


Community and Team Spirit: The organization promotes a sense of community and team spirit, essential components that enhance the overall learning experience and enjoyment for participants. This community-centric approach also supports sportsmanship and personal connections among players.


Expert Leadership: Guided by Head Coach Ben Chase, a former NCAA Academic All-American with over a decade of coaching experience at the Division 1 level, High Perception Hoops benefits from his extensive knowledge and expertise. Coach Chase brings a wealth of practical insights and proven strategies to the program, significantly enhancing the training quality and effectiveness for all participants. With this added dimension of experienced leadership, High Perception Hoops offers a comprehensive and professional approach to basketball training that is hard to match.

These elements combine to create a unique and enriching experience at High Perception Hoops, making it an appealing choice for parents and young athletes seeking a comprehensive and fulfilling basketball training program.

Head Coach Ben Chase

  • 10 Years' Experience as Division 1 Basketball Coach​​

  • Master's Degree in Coaching from Boston University

  • Academic All-America Selection (2008)

  • Professor of Sport Psychology at UNH


I have been so fortunate to work with some of the best minds in the game throughout my basketball career. They showed me there’s a better way to train that helps athletes both develop faster AND have a more fun, enjoyable experience while they do it. High Perception Hoops was founded to offer this better athletic experience to basketball players seeking to unlock their full potential.

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2018 - 2021

Army Women's Basketball

Assistant Coach & Recruiting Coordinator

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2016 - 2018

BU Women's Basketball

Assistant Coach & Recruiting Coordinator

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2013 - 2016

HBU Women's Basketball

Top Assistant

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2011 - 2013

HBU Men's Basketball

Director of Operations

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2010 - 2011

BU Men's Basketball

Graduate Assistant

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2008 - 2010

Emerson College Women's Basketball

Assistant Coach

Emerson logo_edited.png

2008 - 2010

Emerson College Men's Basketball

Assistant Coach

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